Everybody says Aho! Second Festival Miami as part of the 2014 Medicine Music Festival. Flamingo Theater Brickell Bay Dr.

Shimshai and Susana, Fredy Velásquez, Paloma Devi, Jesús Hidalgo.

Miami (December 16, 2014).- Musicians from the United States and Latin America will come together on Saturday, December 27 at 12 noon at the Flamingo Theater 905 Brickell Bay Drive, The Four Ambassadors Miami, FL 33131 to celebrate the second edition of the Medicine Music Festival, “Todo el Mundo dice Aho” (Everybody says Aho).

In this opportunity, the 2014 Medicine Music Festival Everybody Says Aho, unites in unconditional support with Peruvian singer-songwriter of conscious music and medicine man, Alonso del Rio, collaborating part of the funds raised during the event to support the Wiñaypaq school. Wiñaypaq is a nonprofit association dedicated to cultural, ecological, and educational labor in Cusco, Peru.

The mission is to bring free quality education preserving and strengthening the cultural roots of children that attend Wiñaypaq, creating an education system that softens the impact of globalization and other aggressive cultures, to maintain the richness of all cultures and foment diversity. 

Everybody Says Aho Festival will bring together important artists such as Shimshai and Susana, internationally acclaimed by their voices, Paloma Devi along with musicians T-one from Medicine Box and Jeff Deen on table and percussion, singer-songwriter Jesus Hidalgo along with the prominent Spanish guitarist Michel Gonzalez and Andean musician Carlos Ochoa, singer-songwriter Fredy Velasquez and his musical proposal Mambe, along with the prominent Colombian musician, Juan Carlos Arevalo. The concert reunites other artistic disciplines such as the paintings of Cuban visionary artist Ramphys Diaz.

This concert is sponsored by Pachamama Project Foundation, Bagua Center, Sachamama, Wiñaypaq, Vidaci, Icaro App, Oklevueha Native American Church of Florida and Ikaro Shop.