Everybody Says Aho! Third Festival 2015 Colombia for the Medicine Music Festival


Alonso Del Rio, Paramadvati Swami, Cynthia Valenzuela, Jesus Hidalgo, Teresa Padron, Santiago Chindoy, Eddy Nuñez, Maleokalani Urrutia, David Jaramillo, Bhumi Gita Bhajans, Kayari, John Westmoreland, Gustavo Lobo, Mauricio Amauta, Lizette de la Ruda & Luisito Sairi, Oscar Cortes Leal, Abuela AmTokatl, Fabian Ortiz & Titi Oda Nazca, Monica Fuquen, Nicolas Lozada, Harold Henao, Mariposa Solar, MauroenPaz, Darwin Grajales & Goggy San Ram, Samuel Alfonso, Prem Shiva

EVERYBODY SAYS AHO, is a festival of Medicine Music, a movement of Conscious Music born in Miami, Florida in 2013, that has now extended to South America, happening for the first time in Colombia this 16 and 17 of May 2015.

Thanks to the support from the World Conscious Pact, Chaski Fest, and many other sister organizations, we are working as a community with the same prayer: Respect for our Mother Earth, our women, respect for all beings, and ourselves.

The idea of this festival is inspired by the need to give value to the collective energy of coming together and enjoying ourselves again in this reunion, sharing the art and beauty of each being. This is an opportunity to understand that we achieve growth by helping outside ourselves.

In this opportunity, the festival is done in support of the VICTIMS OF GENDER VIOLENCE WOMEN’S NETWORK, WITHIN THE COLOMBIAN ARMED CONFLICT. This is a delicate topic as it represents many women who have been physically, mentally, and spiritually abused, that achieve a real social healing process through a communitarian movement, putting the matter on the table with courage and objectivity.

We will be a group of artists from all parts of America, celebrating our festival in the sacred land of Varsana, Colombia, very close to Bogota. We will be supporting this cause and generating economic means to benefit this organization, and we want to invite you all to join us, contributing to the funds to this beautiful and needed prayer. Aho!!!