On January 27, 2018, the Seventh Edition of the prestigious Medicine Music Festival: “Todo el Mundo dice Aho (Everybody Says Aho)” will take place in Miami. Renowned artists from Latin America and the US that represent the genre will participate, such as Herbert Quinteros (Peru), Moyenei (Chile), Eddy Nuñez (Dominican Republic), Giselle Real-D’arbelles (US), Alexia Chellun (UK), and Venezuelan singer-songwriter Jesus Hidalgo, the founder of this event who is a conservationist and activist for the rights of Mother Earth and the protection of ancestral wisdom.

This celebration of consciousness to Pachamama has been to Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Peru, and the United States, with support and motivation from environmental institutions that promote the sustainability of life on our planet.

The main concert will be at the Hollywood Performing Arts in Miami, on Saturday, January 27 2018 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. In this edition, an offering will be made to the ancestors of the region (the Tequesta, Calusa, and Apalachee peoples), that were held by the lands of Miami (MAYAIMI), which means “BIG WATER” in the indigenous language.

The purpose of the festival is to support different social causes, such as The Kiva and ​Kumbha Mela that will take place in India in February 2019 (nacionesunidasdelespiritu.org).

All are welcome to join the celebration of consciousness, Aho !!