“It is through art in all of its expressions how each can touch God”

A connection with Spirit had manifested to give rise to a new adventure. A message of conscience that travels through different voices of people who create medicine music in different countries in the American continent.

The voices that connect the movement in this story: Jesús Hidalgo and Teresa de Jesús.

The film is called “Ceremonia de la Vida” (Ceremony of Life). It is a documentary series of medicine music that was born from the will to heal with sound, vibration, light and love, with the clear intention of uniting all the people who want to share this experience.

“Life through art is the largest confirmation of the existence of God”


“With immense joy in my heart, I want to invite you to join this Ceremony of Life in which we celebrate our own existence and open a sacred space to give thanks for all the miracles that our paths and our passage through Mother Earth mean”
– Jesus Hidalgo

Jesus Hidalgo and Teresa de Jesús have shared medicine music for more than twenty years in their dozens of concerts and ceremonies around the Americas. In 2022, they premiered their “Ceremonia de la Vida” (Ceremony of Life) tour in Mexico City, a show show full of magic and songs with a healing and harmonizing purpose for body, mind and soul.