Ícaro de los pájaros | Agua Edition


This NFT is intended to be a collectible only. Please note that ownership of this NFT does not grant any permission to use the music or the artwork for your own works (whether commercial or editorial) or offer a share of any reproduction royalties. Ownership of this NFT does not include IP rights. ALL SALES ARE FINAL

ÍCARO DE LOS PÁJAROS is our first NFT released. It is a song that evokes the melodic singing of the birds and invites to dream courageously beyond the limits of the mind. Recorded by Jesús Hidalgo in collaboration with Alyosha Barreiro, this mix of jungle and electronic sounds is a prayer for freedom. Listening and singing to these chants is pure elixir for the soul. 

From this powerful Icaro, we created four NTFs editions, each with different benefits and with its unique visual art representing the elemental magic: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

The proceeds collected from the sale of this NFT will be used to finish the production of the documentary “Ceremonia de la Vida” (Ceremony of Life) that is scheduled to be released in Summer 2023. Additionally, a % of the funds will be donated to “Project Pachamama,” a Non Profit organization that provides free education to children and teaches Pachamama values through medicine songs and ancient rituals.

NFT Benefits:


Collectible digital song available for download  in .MP3.


Collectible digital illustrated artwork available for download in .MP4.

Exclusive Access

To front row tickets for “Ceremonia de la Vida” concerts around the world. 

Sound Ceremonies

Four virtual Sound Ceremonies, each one at the beginning of each season starting on March Equinox 2023 and ending on Winter Solstice 2023.

PRIVATE Cacao Ceremony

Private Cacao Ceremony with sound healing and ancestral chants.


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